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Thursday, August 02, 2007

Let's try that again.

What was I saying?

The iPhone is not, however, the best iPod Apple has ever made by any means. Leave aside the mere 4 or 8 gigs of memory it has--after all, plenty of people own nanos. Rather, I really miss the ability to scan through a song or podcast with the scroll wheel; on the iPhone you're limited to a single horizontal bar in which you drag a ... A... A whatchamacallit. A drag circle thingy. Whatever. The point is, if you're listening to a very long audio file, like a podcast, you're much less accurate when doing so, because there's much less resolution. Trying to skip, for instance, all the disclaimers at the top of "On the Media", which takes up about 45 seconds, is next to impossible. While I'm sure the folks at WNYC are pleased as punch about that, I find it a real drag.

So I won't be abandoning my video iPod anytime soon. But I am glad that I no longer need to sync contacts or calendars to it--not that I used that feature much anyway.

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