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Friday, August 03, 2007

Here's another major problem.

This is rapidly turning into an iPhone blog, isn't it?

Another issue, not related to rgw ipho e itself, but rsthet to the services Apple id attenpting to bubdle with it.

You know what the problem is, right dear rwaders? Thr auypcorrect has crashed again!

At the very leadt i think i know wjat makes it happen. When you scroll within an edit box on a web page, Safari cant handle it. That is, it zcrolls fibe, bit afterward it doesnt correct things. The workarpund us to hit "Done" to dismiss the keyboard, then scroll, then touch the efit box again. A major pain in fhe ass. Time to send s bug teport tp Apple.

As always, ill write this post again once o force quot Safari mpbile.

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