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Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Amadeus opens March 13.

Here's the email I sent to friends and family:
If you don't come to Amadeus opening weekend, THE DIRECTOR WILL KILL US ALL.

Now, really, which would you prefer:

a. seeing an amazing play, with music from a live orchestra and professional opera singers, not to mention Norm Gleichman as Salieri and myself as Mozart, with other starring castmembers such as Christa Kronser, Sandy Irving, Steve Feder...

or b. having the death of 30-odd people on your hands, because if you don't come to see it opening weekend, WE WILL ALL BE KILLED?

The choice is clear! If you don't come for me, come for Norm, who is mesmerizing; if you don't come for Norm, come for the music, which is, I kid you not, so incredible you may be moved to tears; if you don't come for the music, come TO PREVENT A MASS MURDER.

For more information, visit , but here's the general skinny:

March 13 and 14 at 8 P.M. Call 301-441-8770 for reservations.

There are further performances over the following 3 weekends (including 2 Sunday performances at 2 P.M.), but really, those don't matter, since (as I think I mentioned) if you don't come this weekend, there will be no more performances, because WE WILL ALL BE DEAD at the hands of director Curt Somers, and producer Norma Ozur will be forced to act all the parts herself.

Hope to see you there... and, y'know, to live.


*sigh* I'm forced by my inner lawyer to state for the record that I am not in any danger of death at the director's hands, nor is anyone in the cast. At least, not until this email gives him ideas.