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Monday, May 31, 2004

Essential signing.

I just saw this petition linked from Medley. This is one of my personal causes, and I urge everyone to visit and sign the petition at the very least--and write personal letters to your Congresspersons and Senators, preferably.
We must act now to ensure that our voting systems produce accurate and verifiable results. Some states are planning to use machines that will not allow voters to verify their choices. This means that any flaws in the machine or software will never be caught -- and no recount will be possible.

And the head of the largest e-voting machine company -- who is a major contributor to George Bush and has promised to deliver Ohio to him -- asks that we just trust him.

Today we call on Congress and the states to require any electronic voting machine used in this election to produce a paper trail -- one that allows voters to verify their choices and officials to conduct recounts.
I have a special place in hell reserved for those who attempt to falsify electoral results, no matter what party. And, frankly, I just don't understand the strong Republican opposition to this demand for accountability; surely you realize the most patriotic thing an American can do is vote and expect his or her vote to be accurate. Beyond that, it just looks stupid politically to not demand accountability in the name of patriotism! After all, how long will it take for us lib'ruls to turn the tables and ask, "Why do you hate America?"

Lovely Rita, sitemeter maid!

Okay, I knew I was unpopular, but...


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I think, as I know of at least one visitor this week (me), that Site Meter is farked. (Oh, naturally, NOW it shows up... for the past two days it's been telling me "Service Unavailable.")

Saturday, May 29, 2004


Why do I let this sort of thing get to me? I said something thoughtless at another blog, got raked over the coals for it, apologized, and got raked over the coals again. That, combined with loneliness (K's at a fish conference in Oklahoma), has made me very depressed, despite that it was a wonderful day in general.

I seem to be in another phase of ignoring Rooster Spice in favor of other pursuits. In addition to Duck Sauce (we didn't win the audience favorite award, by the way), I've been working on a small C program to convert Project Gutenberg etexts into Palm Markup Language files, to be used with the Palm Reader. Although I think it's been renamed to eReader. Gotta have an "e" or an "i" in all computer products these days! That's why I'm calling my little program iGute2Reader. Well, except the "i."

Wednesday, May 19, 2004

Now there's nothing left to watch but "Law and Order" spinoffs.

That was a worthy ending to a very good series. And like Illyria, I'm feeling grief.

Monday, May 17, 2004

And so the Universe ended.

Running Mac OS X on a PC? Yes! Holy shit.

Sunday, May 02, 2004

New toy.

It arrived on Friday morning--a day sooner than expected. I should have bought a laptop years ago--what a convenience. Although I did feel somewhat ashamed when we had all three Macs on upstairs, all running Safari, tuned to three different web-pages. It's the twenty-first century equivalent to having three television sets in the same room, and it seems so wasteful. It's true, of course, that television is purely passive, not creative, but there's very little creativity in browsing Homestar Runner, Palm Digital Media, and the Apple Store.