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Wednesday, November 30, 2005

It's Wednesday!

So it must be a vodcast.

Incidentally, if you're so inclined, you can listen to me make a fool of myself in an interview with 49media (warning: the front page is not safe for work at the moment). We talked about the vodcast and vodcasting in general... not that I'm an expert or anything.

I can now watch my vodcasts on my iPod, and I didn't even have to pay any money to do it! I even dug into the code and programmed normalization and dithering into the grayscale video converter. Now, if I can only get the energy to clean up the code and submit a patch to the developers.

Wednesday, November 23, 2005

Turkey's Day.

A new vodcast can be found here. This is a good one. If I do say so myself. What are you waiting for? Subscribe, dammit! And while you're at it, give a rating down at VodStock.

Monday, November 21, 2005

Irrelevant but true factoid for the night.

Drywall dust does a serious number on your throat.

Wednesday, November 16, 2005

Now with 100% more Wednesdayness.

The latest vodcast is up, with all its stand-up goodness available free o' charge. Go ahead, subscribe! You know you want to.

We make no comment on the switch from Monday to Wednesday delivery.

And, incidentally, how is it that Rooster Spice, the Podcast has more subscribers now than when it was actually in operation? Is the Odeo-bot spawning, or something?

Sunday, November 13, 2005


Andrew Sullivan has been continually stellar on the subject of American torture. But this post in particular brings it home. If you're not sickened and horrified by what is happening, you're not paying attention.

Friday, November 11, 2005

A tale of two kitties (groan...).

Our first cat, Nim�üe, is very aloof (some would say shy, but that implies she's afraid). She has heavy-lidded eyes, which lends her a perpetually pissed-off expression. She's really not all that excited about human contact--she wouldn't climb on you if you paid her. She only sleeps on the bed after a significant amount of training, and even so resolutely stays off the hills and valleys of people under covers. She almost never chases after strings, toy mice, etc. In other words, she's far less cat-like than your average cat.

Enter Noodles, our new kitten, rescued as described in a previous blog entry. And suddenly, we're dealing with a cat who climbs all over the keyboard when you're trying to write, takes improbable leaps onto high furniture (and, on occasion, falls), plays with toys, and gets excited about catnip.

We've been spoiled.

Wednesday, November 09, 2005

Kaine is Able!

Congratulations to our neighbors in Virginia for just saying NO to wingnuttery!

Tuesday, November 08, 2005

Addition and subtraction.

We're putting an addition on our house, and with it comes a redo of the kitchen. That part starts tomorrow, and K and I just spent a good two and a half hours cleaning out our kitchen cabinets.

Ah, to say goodbye to the kitchy wedding gift of cow-themed coffee mugs! Ah, to see the dust patterns on the soon-to-be-gone white laminate countertop! And ah, to figure out where the hell to put everything that we moved! Our kitchen is small, but with a small kitchen generally comes a small house... and if we had storage space, we wouldn't need the damn addition.

I can't wait to see the kids' reaction tomorrow when they come downstairs and see all the food, plates, silverware, etc. scattered throughout the living room. It'll be like an inverse Christmas.

Monday, November 07, 2005

It's the Ark of the Covenant. Are you sure? Pretty sure.

Well, it's Monday, so it must be time for another vodcast. (What a catchy name!)

This week, an old animation which pays homage to a film that paid homage to Saturday afternoon serials.

Subscribe now!

Friday, November 04, 2005

Friday Cat Prose Blogging.

About three weeks ago, a stray cat showed up in our front yard. It announced itself with some plaintive mews--mews, not meows, since it was a genuine kitten. We could tell it had just been dumped. Our town is a great one for central locations where one might post "Have You Seen This Cat" flyers and what-not, and even has a local community newspaper for the folks who place classified ads after they lose their pets.

Anyhow, this kitten, who is a beautiful orange and white tabby, captured the hearts of everyone in the court. We were all leaving food and water outside, and even if they were mostly stolen by the possums, I'm sure the kitten got some, too. And it was amazingly playful--at least at first.

The kitten started out mewing and chasing birds and squirrels, just as you would expect. It was a little more skittish than your average cat, running away from people at the slightest movement, but willing at least to look you plaintively in the eye. I tried a couple times to catch it, mostly just so I could make sure it got its shots, fixed, and a checkup at our vet--after that, I figured I would either release it again or give it to a rescue place so I could make sure it wasn't destroyed.

We had a few rainstorms, during which the kitten took shelter in our new construction. In fact, we were a little worried when it wound up in the crawl space on the day the contractor was due to cover over the floor with plywood; fortunately our contractor was smart enough to leave an opening, which we covered up as soon as we saw the kitten outside again.

As time went on, it became more and more battle-hardened. The mewing stopped, as did the clumsy kittenness, and its eyes were less cute, and more wary. Strangely, this made me love it even more.

Our next-door neighbor called in a friend who traps and rescues stray and feral cats on a regular basis. She set up a trap, baited it with tuna, and the kitten was caught in a half-hour. It went to a local animal hospital. And then what happened?

Well, he came home today (yes, "he" now, not "it"). And he is so damn cute. Admittedly, the other cat and the dog will need to adjust, but with time, anything is possible. And he proved his mettle in an encounter with Buddy (our dog) when he managed to bare his claws, hiss, and jump five feet in the air simultaneously.

Now he needs a name. There's an obvious one, given that our other kitty is named Nimü�e. But I can't picture this little street kitten being named after a famous wizard from Arthurian legend. He seems more like a Hobbit to me.

Wednesday, November 02, 2005

Man, thou art lame.

The closest thing I get to "hazardous duty" is when K goes out of town and I'm a single father for a time. This week--all week!--she's in Panama City, Florida, at a conference of some sort. It's moments like these that I realize just how much I depend on her, day in and day out, to keep me sane--and given my mental history, "sane" is not a word I choose lightly.

It's amazing, for instance, how difficult it is to keep the house clean when she's gone. You could insert some sexist remark here, no doubt, but I think this speaks more to me vs. her than man vs. woman.

Mostly I realize how scatterbrained I am, though. For instance, yesterday I had a dental appointment. They called to remind me on Friday; it was written down on the calendar; K and I had talked about it. The only missing piece of the puzzle was that she wasn't here to remind me the morning of--and so, naturally, I forgot the appointment. Hooray, more money spent on nothing at all!

Truly, marriage has infantilized me. At the moment, I'm in somewhat the same situation I was just before I got to college. I don't know if anyone else was like this, but I hated doing chores, and I knew that if I didn't do them, so what? They'd get done eventually by someone else. But then, when I was on my own, suddenly it really was my responsibility, and mine alone, to do laundry, eat properly, get enough sleep and so on, and suddenly those things seemed pleasurable, not onerous.

(In truth, I was already pretty good about doing the laundry for the whole household; and my dad, with whom I lived for most of my life, wasn't exactly great shakes in the household chore department. I distinctly remember upwards of ten bags of garbage, sitting on our back porch for months, because Dad couldn't get around to driving them to the dump.)

My point, anyway, is that I've regressed back to that dependence on someone else to handle the things I can't, or won't, handle on my own. She handles the schedule, because I can't get myself to depend on a PDA. She handles most of the cleaning and virtually all of the day-to-day straightening up. And in the evenings, she pretty much rears the kids on her own because by the end of the day, I need to be alone, for at least an hour, otherwise I explode in a mushroom cloud like the one Condi Rice lied about.

Yet she manages to hold me and herself together, while still working a sometimes punishing schedule at her job (which she admittedly loves), and she never tells me, "No, you can't go to rehearsal tonight," even though there have been nights when she's missed her t'ai chi class because I was a crying, blubbering wreck. How can I make myself stronger? And more importantly: how can I ever repay her?