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Friday, November 11, 2005

A tale of two kitties (groan...).

Our first cat, Nim�üe, is very aloof (some would say shy, but that implies she's afraid). She has heavy-lidded eyes, which lends her a perpetually pissed-off expression. She's really not all that excited about human contact--she wouldn't climb on you if you paid her. She only sleeps on the bed after a significant amount of training, and even so resolutely stays off the hills and valleys of people under covers. She almost never chases after strings, toy mice, etc. In other words, she's far less cat-like than your average cat.

Enter Noodles, our new kitten, rescued as described in a previous blog entry. And suddenly, we're dealing with a cat who climbs all over the keyboard when you're trying to write, takes improbable leaps onto high furniture (and, on occasion, falls), plays with toys, and gets excited about catnip.

We've been spoiled.

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