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Thursday, August 02, 2007

However, the phone is not the best iPod Apple has ever made, despite their assertions to the contrary. One feature I really miss is the easy ability to scan through a song or podcast with the scroll wheel; the iphone doesnt have ascrill sheel, and god damn ir, theauto correction has turned off again! Grr. Anyway, if you cab figure out what im sayying wirhout it, at the very least ktll give an idea of how rhe sausage is made. Im gonna save thus as a draft and ill be back.

Okay, let's see if that made a sifferenxe. Nope!

Noe ive turned the screen back to pprtraot mode. Np better. I think the autocorrect software mudt have cdrashed or something.

oll try to rrweite this post in a moment, oncr i restatt Safari.

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