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Friday, November 10, 2006

Three days, three cities, three films, five (!) screenings!

Are ya looking for a reason to travel this weekend? Here's your itinerary!

Friday at 8:30 and Saturday at noon: The Cell-Phone shows at NYC Shorts. I'll be at both screenings, then I'll be heading south in time for...

Saturday at 7:30: Catch Soap Opera at the Annapolis Film Festival (and stick around for The Big Bad Swim). I may not make it to see my own film (depends on Amtrak) but I'll be there for the Q&A.

Saturday at 7:40 and Sunday at 8:00: Chicagoland folks are invited to see <ESC> at the Lake Forest Film Festival. I'm surprised and honored that it was selected to be part of the Festival Finale.

There will be a special prize to anyone who can prove that they attended every screening! You heard it here first.

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