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Monday, October 27, 2003

Keep those bloggies rolling...

In keeping with the New Improved Rooster Spice, I thought it might be time to cut out the dead wood from the Seal of Approval blogs, i.e. kill off those links which are dead or taking indefinite vacations, and put in links that deserved to be added long ago.

Unfortunately, there was a flaw in my plan; some folks who I wanted to add in, notably Mr. Nosuch and Inane Comments, seem to have vanished, and the only blogger whose link really was dead seems to have simply moved and taken yet another new identity. I suppose I can't nag her about that, having taken a new identity of my own.

Godfrey and Laura are of course still pluggin' along, which we're happy about, and Mike has managed to keep posting for about five days now, so he's looking up. In addition, during my time off, I discovered Brian Flemming, who was a California gubernatorial candidate with a unique platform: "If elected, I will resign." He's a playwright and filmmaker, so he reminds me of what I might have been if I were funnier, more together, and a lot more liberal.

So that's it; one addition, one switch, no removals. What was that about dead wood?

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