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Thursday, October 23, 2003

I'm not really here.

People have wondered why I'm bothering to conceal my name, considering that most people who read this blog read it before last April, when it had my name proudly emblazoned all over it. It's usually futile to try to conceal one's identity in the best of circumstances; I've been told to never try to hide one's blog from those you don't want to read it, because they'll find it all the quicker.

That's all true, no doubt. But I find myself wondering what will happen ten years down the line, when D and E are awkward teenagers; will they really want their friends searching Google for their names and discovering memoirs of their potty-training? (All this assumes Google still exists, and for that manner Rooster Spice still exists.) More immediately, do I really want immediate family stumbling across entries like this one and worrying about me on a daily basis?

Not to mention that I think one Google search already ruined the wife's chances for a little interview.

Yeah, our real names will still show up in the Google archives. But this will make me feel a little better.

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