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Sunday, May 20, 2007

"It's over!" -- Strong Bad

Earnest closed last night with our most responsive audience yet. Now, I eagerly await the inevitable post-show depression.

It's strange, how one spends weeks rehearsing, bitching and moaning about what a pain it is to be staying up late and so on. But then the show opens and suddenly I could do it for ten weeks more. Instead, we close after only five performances! But that's the way PGLT does it.

Sometimes I wish I hadn't given up my dreams of being a Working Actor. One of my co-stars, who is about a year out of college, has that dream, but seems to be managing to avoid all the mistakes I made (and she has talent to boot), so might well make it. Nonetheless, I want to grab her and say, "Don't give up! Don't look for safety! Keep at it!" But honestly, I doubt she needs that exhortation, least of all from me.

Besides, the fact that I'm having success at a community theater level is, quite frankly, rather like being (as they say) the world's tallest midget. The moment I tried to make it professionally, I'd be swarmed with rejection, just like I was when I (briefly) tried it ten or so years ago.

(By the way, I misspoke in the previous entry. I have gotten reviewed more recently than college--for Hamlet, Revenge! But that particular piece, which appeared in our local, volunteer newspaper, was written by... the husband of one of the cast members. So I tend to not count it.)

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