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Thursday, May 17, 2007

How many unfinished novels do you have?

Occasionally, I get the silly idea that I want to be a novelist again, despite the fact that it's been nearly ten years since I wrote anything lengthy, prose or otherwise. Today I went through my laptop's hard drive and discovered two fragments, one of which was horrible, the other of which was actually pretty good, or at least had potential.

Both were for Nanowrimo (a concept which I love in theory but in practice drives me literally insane) and as such even the good one has its cringeworthy moments. Most annoyingly, the second one was conceived as a mystery, but now I have no idea what the mystery was about, or how it would have been solved. In fact, I could see it as a simple love story. Because it was Nanowrimo, I didn't make an outline or any notes or anything of the sort, and in truth I don't even remember writing it--were it not on my computer and set in a place based on somewhere I used to work, I'm not sure I would recognize it.

But maybe you would! Here it is. All rights are reserved at this point, but probably not for long. Read it and weep... or laugh, I don't care.


Laura said...

Aaagh! What a place to end it!

Squelch said...

Yeah, that's what I thought, too. Although the whole "rain falling on pearls" simile made me glad I stopped...