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Monday, May 07, 2007

I'm back!

At least, as much as I ever am.

I had planned to go into detail about Dad's death (within reason); transcribe the eulogy, describe the grieving process, and so forth. But on further reflection, I think those moments... belong to me, and to my family (especially my wife, who has been a tremendous shoulder to lean on, and I thank her).

By most definitions, Dad raised me alone, for good and for bad. So much of my own self-image is wrapped up in him that losing him, even though there was much resentment and anger between us over the years, is a major kick in the gut.

I suppose that's the case for any parent's loss. But in any case, there are some things that should be journalled, and some that shouldn't. I can see arguments on both sides for journaling this experience. But, for now at least, these experiences shall remain within me.


Patrick said...

Fair play. Welcome back, Zach, and keep the bloggable thoughts coming.

Anonymous said...

Well done.