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Saturday, November 17, 2007

We get letters!

Robert wrote:
Now, seriously, with your acting career blooming and all that do you really need to be spending another lifetime learning CD4 just to get back to doing what you were already doing with (app that dare not speak its name)?

Come on back! We still love you there. Well, 99% of us do, ok?
Two points about that:
  1. An acting career that is "blooming" in community theater is kind of like being the proverbial "world's tallest midget."  Get back to me when I'm getting paid.
  2. More germanely, I have no confidence whatsoever that said app will continue to be supported on Mac OS X, now that Ken has left; and with other programmers leaving in droves I'm not fully convinced the thing will exist at all in a couple of years.  And besides, the C4D renderer is so much nicer!  Even if I can't wrap my head around its character tools yet, once I do, my work will look so much better it won't even be a question.

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