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Sunday, November 18, 2007

Not a moment too soon department.

So we bought me a new MacBook Pro yesterday. I went through the whole rigaramole of getting the files transferred over via FireWire, and it went pretty flawlessly.

I figured I'd give the kids the old PowerBook, so I started to reformat the drive, and zeroed out all the data. Then I started the process of installing Tiger.

While the installer was verifying the erased disk, I started hearing a sound very much like a metronome, so I cancelled the procedure and restarted the computer.

Well, turns out I had just had a catastropic hard drive failure--my first ever. So the PowerBook is going to ebay, for parts only.

But talk about dumb luck! My first hard drive failure--the day after I successfully backed it up!

Somewhere, the Devil of obsolescent hardware is firing the dude in charge of timing.

Edit: And it's on eBay!  Bid here if you're interested...


Robert said...

you can't just replace the hard drive?

Squelch said...

I canna open it, Cap'n! Besides, it sold for almost $450...