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Wednesday, March 21, 2007

I wonder, is it time for the Rooster Spice podcast to return?


Medley said...

Dunno, but I feel compelled to respond to an earlier point.

You talked about how Mike's show suggests that "everyone really believes they're competent at their job."

But that's not true - there are plenty of studies and analysis that show that the truly competent people question their own competence a lot, whereas it's the incompetents who believe they're perfectly competent.

It also ignores the entire phenomenon of the "imposter syndrome."

And, having read up on a lot of this stuff for a variety of reasons, I find myself in the cycle of "I suck!" "No, I don't.. I'm a rockstar, because I think I suck so it means I'm good." "No wait, I really do suck!" "But wait, I have to *pretend* to at least appear competent... appearance matters.."

And so on..

Nevertheless, setting aside the larger issues in your post and my own neuroses, I did want to correct what I think is a faulty premise.

Just sayin'..

Squelch said...

You make a good point.

I hadn't heard of the impostor syndrome before.

Laura said...

"I wonder, is it time for the Rooster Spice podcast to return?"