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Thursday, March 29, 2007

Another reason the well-off are different.

As long as I'm quoting other blogs who are quoting other people, here's David Iglesias (via Digby), on part of the reason he won't run for political office:
And, frankly, I’ve got a practical matter. I’ve got four kids—all girls—so I’m going to have four weddings and four college educations in the next 15 years, and based on what members of Congress make…just do the math! It’s not very encouraging.
A rank-and-file member of Congress makes $165,200.

Granted, unless you're within driving distance of the Capitol, you essentially have to have two houses (since, according to the Constitution, a Congresscritter must reside in the state which they represent). Nonetheless, give me break; $165k ain't chicken feed. Iglesias can choose not to run for office for whatever reason he wishes. But don't try for my sympathy because you'd be getting a pay cut.

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Medley said...

I saw that quote too and had the same reaction.

On the other hand, one of the several reasons we don't have a kid is because I don't think we can afford it -- and we make more than the national median household income...

It's very easy for one's 'set point' wrt income to adjust. What's unfortunate is when people lose perspective and think that their rarified state is common. Or, worse, don't even think about it at all.