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Monday, February 12, 2007

First thoughts on Vegas.

I had been there before, but I hadn't flown in. I was wondering whether there were slot machines at the airport. I was not disappointed. Hell, there were even some beyond the security gates.

Worst billboard ever: "CARROT TOP--exclusively at Luxor."

Driving at night from Vegas to Boulder City was a scary experience for an Easterner. First of all, it's dark and clear. Really dark and really clear. Strange shapes float into vision and you can't tell what the hell they are, until you realize they're mountains--sitting right next to the road. This doesn't happen in the Appalachians--you're a part of the mountains. Out in Nevada, it's flat, until it isn't.

Upon sunrise, the mountains look like large-scale piles of quarry dirt. It's possible that's actually what they are. Lake Mead is man-made; why not man-made mountains, too?


Anonymous said...

I was there for about 5 minutes!


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