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Monday, October 31, 2005

Rooster Spice, the Podcast--And so goodbye...

For, yea, it is written: when the Squelch hath been revealèd, and the VidPod falls upon the crowd, then shall the Spice be Cast no more...

The final podcast lieth here, at a terminal 11:21 and 5 or so MB.

Listen for the full details; and if you feel like subscribing to something else after a decent period of mourning, why not try the vodcast?

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Laura said...


Just listened to RStP, the final chapter, while packing for Hawaii. :-( I will miss it!! I truly enjoyed each and every episode, and--yeah, I probably have nothing to do with my time compared to most people, but I always looked forward to it and never had any problem finding the time or inclination to listen. RStP will forever live in its fan'(s') memory(ies) as one of those shows that was cancelled in its prime! You were a great podcaster, and you have a fantastic voice.