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Saturday, October 15, 2005

The blood is the life!

Perhaps I've mentioned my Five Point Plan to return to acting:
  1. Get involved in community theater
  2. Get involved in professional theater
  3. Get involved in local independent film
  4. Move to Hollywood
  5. Become a film star on the level of, say, Paul Newman.

When I left college I skipped (1) entirely and went straight to getting paid to do tech work (acting, not so much) and lately I've done pretty well with (3). So, it seemed clear it was time to jump back to (1).

(Okay, truth be told, I just wanted to see if I would enjoy theater again without the pressure of getting paid.)

Anyway, I've already talked about my work on Henry IV for the Greenbelt Arts Center, but I realize I never mentioned that I had also been cast in Dracula for Prince George's Little Theater, playing everyone's favorite bug-eater, Renfield, which is second only to the title character for its scene-stealing potential. Gotta love any part for which you must mess up your hair in six directions then set it with gallons of hair spray.

We opened on Friday. It went well. No major line losses, no major tech foul-ups. And it was (I think) my first time acting on a geniune proscenium stage since college. Quite a trip.

And that's all I'm gonna say about that.

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Godfrey said...

Rosenberg! :-)

Seriously, though, cool for you!