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Wednesday, November 05, 2008

About that prediction.

Mike says, "278? Looks like you were off by almost 100, my friend."

And I have never been happier to be wrong.

Why the paranoia? 2000 and 2004 conditioned me to expect the worst. And, honestly, I really do think that electronic voting machines are the tool of the devil (at least without a paper trail).

On a personal note, I really wish my father had stuck around for this election. He was a civil rights liberal in the best sense of the phrase, even if he was a little quick to see prejudice everywhere. I don't have the faith to think he's watching somewhere, but I know that if he were alive, he would be ecstatic, proud, and ready to join the spontaneous celebrations.

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Dhar said...

Hey Zach! Boy! You're a ghost from the past. I never thought I'd find you. How are you man? How is the animation going? I was looking for your soap opera on YouTube but couldn't find it, so, I thought I search for you, and here you are. I hope you're doing alright. Happy Holidays.