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Friday, August 22, 2008

The Reasons Pneumonia Sucks.

I know, I know; like you need reasons?  Well, waking up every morning looking like you've just been in a boxing match is right up there.  My lips are swollen like they've been punched, and my eyes are so bloodshot I might as well be on heroin, except I don't have that whole "getting high" thing to make up for it.
I know I'm getting better--I can breathe easier now, and I'm not coughing up nearly as much phlegm--yet I feel worse today than I did yesterday.  Ironically, the best day was the first day AFTER I started antibiotics.  I actually felt normal--no fever, I could think straight, and if I was weak, well, that was probably because I hadn't eaten in three days.  But after that, it was like my body suddenly realized, "Hey!  I'm sick!" and went on strike.
You don't realize just how important bacteria are until you're on multiple antibiotics that are killing even the good bacteria.  You don't realize just how much you hate yogurt until you're forced to eat it to restore said good bacteria.  You don't realize how sharp your teeth are until you bite your upper lip while you're sleeping, creating the aforementioned puffy face.  And most of all, you don't realize how tiring it is to take care of your two kids until your wife finally has to stop caring for your sorry self and go earn a living.  (Thank you, K.  I couldn't have survived without you.)
There were so many things I had planned for these past two weeks between the end of summer camp and the beginning of school.  Gone now, like... like... Another problem is that pneumonia makes coming up with similes difficult.

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Robert said...

Well, I see you're blogging again. Sorry about the pneumonia. I had pneumonia about five years ago. That was the diagnosis anyway; I don't know that the ER doctor was ever really sure. But it was easily the most sick I've ever felt in my life except maybe after that ride on the Hurl-a-Whirl at the state fair when I was 12.

Hope you're on the mend!