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Saturday, October 13, 2007

Adventures in iPod Genius land.

So as I was going home from rehearsal last night, I plugged my iPhone into my car charger, figuring I'd at least be able to put the phone's speaker on full blast, since it doesn't actually play through the car stereo like the iPod. Future reference: don't do that.

I knew the thing wasn't "designed for iPhone," but I had used it before with no ill effect. But apparently, with iPhone firmware 1.1.1, attaching the old Belkin dock connector was enough to, oh, BRICK THE PHONE. So off I went to the Apple store.

The iPod genius took one look at it, noticed the strange zebra stripes flashing above the Apple logo as it booted, and took my information for an exchange. So here I am, writing this entry on a new iPhone.

Now I just have to hope I can jailbreak it again.

Update: Yep! works and I'm reading and hacking away.


Godfrey said...

Oh, jeez, that totally sucks.

What the heck could be in a firmware update that would make a charger brick it, when it was fine before?

Squelch said...

Well, that's just my theory. After I wrote that entry, K reminded me that once, much earlier, when I did the same thing (plugged it in to the car, then brought it inside to charge overnight), I woke up the next morning and discovered the Phone's screen was BRIGHT GREEN!!! and it was heating like charcoal. So...

bcc said...

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