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Friday, September 28, 2007

Tears on the keyboard, click click click.

I can't tell you just how disappointed I am that the iPhone is once again a closed system; that Apple saw fit to encrypt its firmware so that all the third-party applications that have popped up are no longer installable. As the author of one of the more popular pieces of said software, I have a dog in this fight, sure. I'll admit it was incredibly satisfying to know that hundreds of people were using and enjoying my Books application. People were sending me thanks left and right, some even sent donations. It was an amazing feeling and could make me all Sally Field on my good days.

More than that, programming on the iPhone was fun. The Cocoa API is just wonderful to hack in. And I may be the only person outside Cupertino who has gotten a UIWebView to work, and damn it, that's important to me. As I've said before, many people have told me they bought an iPhone only after they discovered my software was available. Now, what do they do, Apple?

We can wait and see what the Dev Team comes up with, I suppose. But I'm not optimistic.

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