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Monday, January 08, 2007

No Bet in the Field!

Thanks to a generous grant from my wife, I'll be traveling to Boulder City, Nevada--a dangerous 25 miles from Las Vegas--to participate in the Dam Short Film Festival. I'm flying in the night of Friday, February 9 and back on Sunday the 11th. And I AM NOT TOUCHING A SLOT MACHINE OR CRAPS TABLE.

Fun fact: the director of Dam Short is Lee Lanier, who co-created Day Off The Dead, an award-winning short film made in Animation:Master, my software of choice.

Not so fun fact: last time I was in Vegas (1999), I lost nearly three paychecks at the casinos. (Note to self: never take a trip to Vegas when your wife is pregnant, even if it's for a job.)

At the very least, I know I won't lose any paychecks this time. (Don't tell anyone it's because I don't get any paychecks anymore.)

I'm hoping another member of the Soap Opera team will be there, so he can do all the gambling for me.

1 comment:

godfrey said...

If I am able to go, there will be no gambling for me!

Even with only a single deck in play (which is never the case in Vegas), I can't keep track of cards well enough to play effectively; and games of chance are tilted far too heavily in favor of the house.