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Thursday, July 13, 2006


Tuesday night I presented a few of my films at the Speakeasy Screening Room, an offshoot of the Speakeasy, a monthly storytelling event which a friend of mine curates. It was pretty successful, albeit sparsely attended.

My favorite part was seeing the work of WIT Films, an offshoot (so many offshoots!) of Washington Improv Theatre. They do the 48 Hour Film Project every year, just like I used to do. In fact, the first time I was involved was as sound man for one of their films (I set out as a team leader for Dead Horse the following year). But I hadn't seen any of their most recent efforts, including one which won the overall prize for D.C. in 2005. Anyway, they blew me (and another filmmaker who was also featured, IMHO) out of the water. Sigh... Still, it's OK to be bested by really nice people--and just because their stuff was better, doesn't mean that mine is bad.

And it was certainly well-received, don't get me wrong. I just wish there had been time for Duck Sauce, but it got bumped.

Meanwhile, I'm waiting in breathless anticipation for the results from DC Shorts, allegedly coming out this weekend. Fingers crossed...

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