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Thursday, February 23, 2006

Let us now praise the iPod.

How else could you listen to every song in your library in alphabetical order, but through an iPod (or other digital music player)? How else would you discover how many songs you own that begin with the word "surf," and what they sound like back-to-back? (Hint: "Surfin' Bird" kicks "Surfer Girl"'s ass.)

Unfortunately, all things must pass, and so I sold both of my old iPods* and got a new iPod video about a week ago.

Which means, naturally...

* Actually, a pretty good story: I bought a broken iPod off eBay, replaced the hard drive cable, and enjoyed it for a while, what with hacking Linux and stuff. Then, I sold it for a $50 profit.

My mini is supposedly sold, too, but the buyer has not sent payment, two weeks later, and is not responding to emails or eBay messages. So, methinks it will be re-listed soon.


Godfrey said...

Which means, naturally... what?

I'm not up enough on Things iPoddish to know what that link signifies. Something new just came out (or is coming out) to thrust the Video iPod into obsolescence? You broke your iPod and had to order a replacement screen? It just plays test patterns?

Zach Brewster-Geisz said...

More info here, at engadget.